Wednesday, September 27, 2006

what's not to love...

...about Pixar?
[out-takes from an animated film?]
[THAT's one thing out of many to love about Pixar]


baffle said...

Doesn't anyone else adore these out-takes? I keep watching them over and over again (and they're on the dvd, so why do I keep re-watching them here?!?)(cuter size?)

Sitting here at the computer chuckling to myself...[the woman needs a life - badly...].

me again said...

The outtakes are hysterically entertaining, but I'm trying to do a blog here and it took me from 7-11:30 and now I'm exhausted!
Who's commenting now.
yours truly,
a grump
p.s. I AM counting my blessings because somehow I didn't lose the long rambling post. Small blessings!