Wednesday, September 06, 2006


For breakfast this morning, I fried up an egg-in-a-frame (with OatNut bread) and had a few slices of nectarine (very tasty n' sweet). Lunch consisted of cottage cheese with crushed pineapple.
Tonight's dinner will be teriyaki chicken with a side of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Perhaps a bit of leftover German-style potato salad.

I am dutifully drinking copious amounts of water for health and beauty (as well as to quench thirst - it's still in the 90's here).

Even so, I am having a craving........for.....donuts. Yes - plural, not singular. Not grocery store boxed. Must be bakery fresh, from a tried and true bakery. I'm craving donuts that are yeast-raised and sugary glazed. Or an apple fritter. Yes yes - a good apple fritter. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Full of apples.

BTW, the donuts AND the apple fritters at Happy Donut in San Francisco are award winning, simply the best, oh-so-tasty. If you are a fan of apple fritters, you must to try. You will not be disappointed!

OK - so now that I've confessed to it, will I be satisfying the donut-fritter craving anytime soon? Only time will tell.
Give me a couple of days...


Lauren said...

Now that you've got us hooked on those gigantic apple fritters, living within walking distance of the 24-hour Happy Donuts is more dangerous than ever! It is so hard to resist that sugary sweet smell every time we pass by...

me again said...

I like plain sugar doughnuts.
Krispy Kremes are like plain sugar doughnuts cubed. (i.e. sugary coating to the 3rd power. I've been teaching math to teenagers too long!)
My 1st Krispy Kreme was at the new Candlestick Park or whatever it's now called. To die for.
Oh, I mean the park AND the doughnuts. Barry is still hitting them out there! Go Giants!
A year of pigging out on Kr.Kr’s later, I'd gained about 10 lbs. Well...that AND See's chocolate. I feel sick.
fun topic my dear!
Me again
p.s. bthw,b, did you get your apple fritter? Now I’m salivating.

Conn said...

OH DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED on apple fritters! LOVE THEM! Speaking of fried dough, have you ever had Malassadas? Of all my trips to Hawaii I cannot believe I have never tried one... I usually try to stay away from fried dough when I have to be shirtless and in a swimsuit for a week.

Lauren said...

What the heck are Malassadas?? Must look them up "straight away" and then figure out where I can get me some!

baffle said...

I didn't know about Malassadas until our last visit to the islands in October 2005. My brother, AhD and his galpal K introduced us to these yummies.
A Malassada, as Conn says, is dough (looks hand-shaped or dropped from a large spoon), fried, and rolled in (cinnamon?) sugar after frying. Consumed as soon as they've cooled down a bit (it takes a while, all that wonderful fat!), and is ~~~ indescribably delicious!
Definitely incompatible with being (for some of us anyway - me included!) scantily clad.
All that delish food in Hawai'i! I can gain 5 pounds in one week and become 'Muu Muu Mama'!

jessamynit said...

mmm! I should NOT have looked at your blog while hungry!

I told devon yesterday that I'm just going to go ahead and eat only chocolate cake from here on out. I mean, what's wrong with that?! so I'll get fat. will I get scurvy? I don't know, but I surely can take vitamins for that.

that's funny that you call them egg-in-a-frame... I love those, but the name sounds kinda way fancier than I have always thought of them. I think we call them... egg in a hole? less classy, for sure.
you have me wanting to sample those apple fritters, BIG TIME!! or just any of those donuts in the picture.

I must tell you... fresh baked apple cider doughnuts in vermont are pretty hard to beat. and pumpkin pie fudge!!

jrideshorses said...

Hey, Just a Minute...or any of those family people...
I'll treat to apple fritters!
call me

baffle said...

Guess what I had for breakfast (the greater part of which was healthy yogurt+granola+nice hot cuppa peppermint infusion) today?
YESYES. T'was zeeee apple fritter extraordinaire!!
One of those BIG fritters shared (even splitsy) by three people, and I must tell you - I did savor my section - it was truly delectable - and satisfying!

After purchasing two fritters (saving one for the next breakfast!) at Happy Donut, the three of us had to take turns carrying the bag a few blocks back to the apartment, it was so heavy!

jessierose said...

So that's what you guys do when I'm not around! You feast on apple fritters! I thought you were supposed to provide for your children, not sneak away to the city and eat tasty snacks without them! hmph.

baffle said...

Ah, jessierosie, my dollink my deariest!
We, of course, THOUGHT of you whilst munching our portion of the tasty snack. We also thought of you whilst we were in the heat of Sweat(er)Shop #2. To be sure, your hands-on help was much appreciated at Sweat(er)Shop #1, and we wished you could'a joined us for the second-go-round. Clearly you are deserving of, and if you wish do accept one/portion of one - an applefritter taste treat.

baffle said...

jessamynit ~ me calling the eggs fried inside the bread slice 'egg in a frame' isn't original. I got both the recipe and the name of the 'dish' from my very first ever (and still favourite) cookbook - the Betty Crocker New Picture Cookbook (binder style).
P. 255.
cooking tip: 'mo buttah, mo bettah'

jessamynit said...

this jessie wants a fritter too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessamynit said...

you wont' believe this but - yesterday devon and I went in for fun in SF - stumbled upon a happy donut!! - I convinced him we had to go in and - no apple fritters!!
it was 2pm. but, still.

baffle said...

Jessamynit ~
Let's rendezvous at the Happy Donut @ corner of 24th & Church Sts. soon!
We KNOW they've got 'em.
Perhaps in the A.M. when the fritters are freshest and there's a mound of them (sparkling with sugar-laden sweetness!) on the tray in the display case....
jrideshorses should come too - she's treating!
~ Baffle