Thursday, September 21, 2006

when you wish upon a star...

Earlier tonight, I was in my car heading home after Dinner Book Club (yes, I'm in a book club and we eat dinner as we discuss the monthly read). I had moody acoustic guitar music in the car cd player; a dusky light was falling on the pines, oaks, hills and ravine. Idyllic. With few cars on the road - it was a pleasant drive indeed.

The sun had just set and night was movin' in.
I happened to look up from the curvy mountain road just for a moment to see a shooting star zip through the blank slate of the early evening sky.
Its descent was not so much shooting as falling. Dribbling down rather clumsily in a slowish arc describes it best, actually. Nevertheless, it was charming.

Take the time to do a bit of star-gazing, and you can witness meteors dropping from the night sky with some frequency. The idea of witnessing careening meteors isn't terribly dreamy or wistful; hence the more romantic notion of 'falling' or 'shooting' stars. Each time I see one I'm taken aback, usually with a mini, yet audible, gasp. To see a shooting star really is such a special treat, isn't it? For me, sighting one always feels like I'm sharing a one-on-one secret with the heavens...

Finding a great online image of a single shooting star isn't easy, so I opted for something even better: the most delightful star song of all time.

Bonus: A shooting star story (if you have an extra 22 minutes 24 seconds to sit idly at the computer, enjoy Hergé's TinTin and don't mind that he isn't speaking French...).


jessamynit said...

I'm actually terrified of meteors (although when I think of them as falling stars, you're right, it is qutie idyllic). What's to stop them from HITTING THE EARTH?!
I'm a worrywart.

baffle said...

Actually, dear sweetworrywart, meteors do hit the earth quite frequently = meteorites.

Typically, they're little and don't do much damage at all.
It's the asteroids and comets that you have to worry about!

If/when one of those ever comes thisaway, skywatchers will give a shout and we can all make like Chicken Little.