Friday, September 01, 2006

Why I luv the Internet...

You can find just about anything on the Internet. Including piano lessons.

If you haven't already noticed, 'to Google' is now a verb of our global vernacular, as in 'Just Google it'.
Well, 'Just Google' piano lessons and you might get links to something like this 5 minute look-listen of how to play the song "Louie Louie", taught by Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston. Much more where this came from!

DO sing along, and let 'Fun' be your middle name.....Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

To: b'sblog,
I had to play "Louie Louie" in our garage band in high school, only I played fewer notes. We tried to keep the songs down to 3 chords only...and no solos for me and my Farfisa organ! "Gloria" was in our repertoire. We all went our separate ways. Our drummer is now rich and famous. I'm now a tube radio collector and owe PayPal some money.
Very interesting blog you’ve got here. Keep it up.
From :
Pear of Pear’s Repair

jessamynit said...

when do we start seeing a pear's repair blog?!
might be a bit of a snooozer...
maybe we can hear about horses instead...
love you all!

baffle said...

I am so enjoying the community commenting mode! Whether 'Louie Louie' and related 'dis n' dat' blog posts prompt tales of past garage bands or Pear Repairing or horses or whatnot - it's ultimately all about sharing and very cool indeed!
Thanks to all for stopping in, reading, learning, leaving comments.

Anonymous said...

hey there, it's D...dropping in with a comment. i'm just getting so blog savvy! ;)
anyway, here's what i hate about the can find out just about anything and everything, about anything or anyone. can't run, can't hide, not that i need to, but just knowing that your life is an open book can be a scary thing. a bit to george orwell. everything you post, email or IM, is out there in cyber space, for all to capture. not even your screen name grants you anonymity. and like you, it's also what i love. that's how i found the ship and it's manifest, that brought my grandfather, his mom and siblings to america, circa 1914. but as with everything, you can't have the good, without the evil.

baffle said...

d -
I couldn't agree more. In addition to the terrific things one can find online - it's been proven time and time again just how Orwellian the Internet can be.

I'm developing 'b's Theories' on the significance of social interaction/ individual recognition/ acknowledgement of 'being alive and participatory' in today's high-tech, fast paced world. Though we're more 'connected' than ever before, we are also that much more insulated in our everyday lives. Yet the need to know and understand one another remains so important.

It continues to surprise me that blog-reading, if not posting, is so common. Many people have several, if not dozens, of blogs they check daily!
In the past two months, I've gone from checking in on one (foodie, artsy, crafty) blog several times a week, to reading about five pretty regularly.
I can see where that number could easily increase. People are so darned fascinating!

* I'm so stoked that you located the ship/ manifest of your family!