Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Freak you out. Freak me out. Listen...

this is an audio post - click to play


Anonymous said...

B? B? is that really you?

how'd you do that? you are just surpassing me with leaps and bounds, with all this techno savvy, my friend!
how nice to put a human touch, to your words.


justducky said...

Oh, yes, quite freaky, I looked for you behind the monitor and you we'ren't there!
(are there too many apostrophes in 'we're'nt'?)

baffle said...

It's really me.
I can hardly stand to listen to it (for that matter, I hate to see myself in photos, on video, or even to listen to my outgoing or my incoming messages on the answering machine).
But -
it seemed like a cool way to add a blogpost.
A personal, albeit freaky - touch.

* yes, justducky - you have an extra apostrophe. can you guess which one doesn't belong? ;-)

baffle said...

My audio post seems to have disappeared into the blogosphere black hole.
Sorry for those of you who missed it and sorry for those of you who didn't.

baffle said...

it's back.
oh well.

better get yourself freaked out before it goes again.