Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cliff Edwards

Since my earlier posting: 'When You Wish Upon a Star', I've been thinking about Cliff Edwards aka The Voice of Jiminy Cricket.

It turns out that Mr. Edwards had quite a career beyond his gig as the voice of 'Pinocchio's Conscience'. Back in his day, Edwards made many musical recordings and was even nicknamed 'Ukelele Ike' for his prowess on that instrument. Click on the link above and have a listen to his songs. Edwards does a great rendition of Jolson's 'California Here I Come' (a tune I learned in grade school). This is the first time I've heard a version of that tune with train sound effects.

Cliff Edwards. What a talent (relative to the era, but not to my musical taste, save for WYWUAS). Who knew?!?

From here on out, I'll not be looking at any cricket in a top hat singing about wishing on stars or giving a little whistle and thinking that's all there is to the little fella.


Conn said...

Ah but yes.. He also does " A SONG OF OLD HAWAII" which i s simply divine.
you must try to find it.

baffle said...

thanks for the title of another great Ukelele Ike tune! I did find a snippet of Cliff crooning 'A Song of Old Hawaii' - and you're right, it is divine!
A hula tune and a hundred soft guitars, a trade wind sighing in the heavens, the perfume of a million flowers...

Swoooooooon! I be there!

Conn said...

oh yes... that's it... the lyrics are too much.
the first time i heard it it became an instant fav.
glad you got to hear it.