Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Making the time to make teapot cozies

'Cozy' is such a cozy word. Very autumnal. Perfect for the season.
Teamed up with 'teapot', cozy is a downright snuggly cuddly warm n' fuzzy word.
Quite apropos- for a teapot cozy is, in essence, a blankie for your pot o' brew. It's used to keep tea hot in the pot - at least through the leisurely serving of the 3rd or 4th cup. Sure, you could have hot tea at the ready in a brewpot or thermal hotpot. A mug of tea can certainly be given a quick warm-up zap in the microwave. However, experiencing tea time with the whole teapot, teacups (and saucers!) and tasty snackie food offerings all set-up nicely at the table is...well....cuter.

There's no denying how cooler temps outside + tea-time inside go together.
I do enjoy going beyond unceremoniously dropping a Lipton tea bag into a mug of hot water. I adore all styles and variations of a nice tea presentation.
I've got British, Japanese and Chinese teapots, even a Bodum glass number with matching sugar and creamer.

I can hardly wait to get back to staging 'themed tea parties' (even if just for myself) and using all my little tea accoutrements...

It begins with a tea cozy. I just started sewing one: a pieced quilt design, insulated with poly batting, with an insulated bottom piece and fastened with a ribbon drawstring at the top. The overall shape is based on several cozies examined (rather closely) during visits to various tearooms. I chose pre-cut 'fat quarters' of fabric in coordinated colors (too lazy to pick n' choose anymore, so these bundles are a godsend!) and drafted a pattern to cut and seam these great fabrics into a mini quilt for the teapot. My inspiration came from Denyse Schmidt so the cozy promises to be colorful and a bit abstract in design.

Another one of those 'Just Google it' surprises:
There are so many styles of cozies!
Some cozies are of simple construction: two pieces: a front and a back. This is your basic half-moon pattern (with slight variations) that slips over top of the teapot. Quickly made, it's possible to stitch one up for every day of the week, in any fabric that strikes your fancy or to suit any occasion.
Some cozies look like sweaters - really!
Some cozies look like felted beehive hats (these are funny and rather alien-looking, and I may try making one. Hopefully, the felt won't defuzz all over my tea).
Animal-shaped cozies are quite popular....pictured above is the kitty tea cozy pattern I've admired since the 1970's, and it is the one I've been procrastinating for over 3 decades to make. Ai ya! It's unbelievable how 30 years zipped by and I still haven't gotten round to making the dang tea cozy.
It's time to make the time, isn't it?
After that, the felted one.

(Typically) getting too far ahead of myself here, so first things first. I'm going to trust that the end result of my first teapot-cozy-sewing attempt will look better than any of these.

It's Tea-Time.
Anyone for a cuppa?


Lauren said...

haha! those fuzzy ones are too much. yes, i'm sure yours will look much better than those!

VECEDIOS said...

muy bonitou gatitou