Saturday, October 07, 2006

time for arts & crafts

I just looked back to the beginning of all this blogging (July 2006) business and realized that I've not published many arts n' crafts-related posts.
Why is that? I'm a fairly artsy-crafty gal, but haven't been artsying or craftying much.
Until recently.

The sudden urge to get creative again may have to do with the change of season: from too-dang-hot to mild-and-almost-cool. Autumn beckons us back in - to home/hearth and to keep cozy with cooking and crafty projects. However, we're still experiencing the last of 'Indian Summer' here. Off and on. The skies above grayed and a steady rain fell the other day, yet this weekend promises another dose of it's-warm-go-outside-and-sit-by-the-lake weather.

At any rate, t'is the season and I'm in THE MOOD. Granted, much of my art energy has been devoted to work-related projects. That's ongoing through the seasons. But with cooler temps and the holidays (aiiiieeeeee!!!) approaching, it's high time to be more productive here at home...

I joined a knitting group. Needles poised and at the ready....
Signed up for a couple of studio art classes this fall, which provide me with the impetus to head back to the drafting table/ drawing board/ easel.
One class is Hands-On American Art History. At this time, we're studying early folk art, and will go on through to Pollock drip paintings and Calder mobiles/ stabiles. I'm doing my own thing with the required projects: new twists on old art forms...
The other class is actually more like a painting studio workshop. The 'instructor' gives handy painting tips, but otherwise it's not terribly inspiring to be there. However, it has gotten me back to my paints and canvases, so no major complaints...

Thus far, I've been working on:
Painting ~ A smallish canvas in oils.
Theorem stenciling ~ A couple of very easy mini projects (Who knew? It's actually fun to stencil!).
Scherenschnitte ~ (Gesundheit!) I'm only designing the simplest images. At the beginning, the cutting felt awkward. After getting used to the teeny scissors (and alternating with an X-Acto knife for the smaller cut-outs), I found the paper cutting fairly enjoyable.
Sewing ~ Think I'd like to do a bit of hand-sewing (!). Again, mini projects.
Knitting ~ Beginning with some easy projects before getting back to the pullover sweater I began a year or so ago. I will finish...I will finish...I will finish?
Teensy weensy baby steps back into the creative realm.
But I'm happy to be getting a groove on.

Ooooh - mustn't forget about Artist Trading Cards. ATCs are the ticket back into creative mode for me. Talk about mini! Besides ATCs being a cute size (2.5" x 3.5") to work with, just about anything goes as far as medium, style, approach. One can get very experimental with ATC art. Trading with other ATC artists will be so inspiring! I can't wait to start receiving their art in my mailbox.

I found the image of the palette + treble clef online. It suits me well. I've gotta have music when in the throes of creativity!
So often it's the tunes that help make the art happen. Everyone knows how productive you can be if you whistle while you work.


Terri said...

I've never heard of ATC's before but after reading your post I looked into them. Now I want to start making them and traing them. Thanks for inspiring me.


baffle said...

terri, you are most welcome!

It's good for all of us to inspire each other with art-related ideas.

I'm sure some of your crafty friends would love to do the ATC thing with you. That, or check online and find local ATC groups to trade with.
Have fun!

justducky said...

I never knew what that was...There is a framed sillouette from somewhere in the hangs on my wall...coveted by my brother, we both have memories of utter amazement at the tiny cutouts.
Thanks for filling me in!

Lauren said...

Are you kidding? You are always artsying and crafting! If you're not painting or knitting, you are preparing delicious and beautifully presented meals, which I think is a craft too! I can't wait to see some of the results of these new projects you've started.