Friday, October 20, 2006

To RENO we will go...

Once you've had access to large quantities of fresh sushi at very reasonable prices, it's tough to go back to restaurant entrees of '10 pieces of nigiri' sushi for $15 (and up). Case in point: last night's dining experience at a new-ish sushi restaurant in town. Miso soup for everyone; a small platter of sashimi + two (very large and tasty) rolls to share = not nearly enough to eat for three hungry diners, and pretty darned expensive, to boot. Left us with a hankering for more, but not at those prices!

I've eaten at many an all-you-can-eat buffet where mouth-watering fresh sushi is offered, but haven't yet experienced the 'bottomless pit-all-you-can-sushi-only' buffet.
It does sounds excessive, doesn't it? More so when you consider that sushi is art that should probably be eaten with a degree of dining delicacy and some etiquette-based restraint. Yet, quantity-wise, you must understand...when it comes to sushi...

I just heard that Reno is the place for all-you-can-eat-SUSHI round these parts.
Reno? As in the arid flatlands just 'over the summit' of the California-Nevada line?
'Biggest Little City in the World' Reno = great sushi?!?
Fo' reals?
I must to see (read: eat) for myself!

Destination: Reno, Nevada (less than two hours from here - a very scenic drive en route to Sushi Satiation).

Field trip!

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jrideshorses said...

someone left me a whole plate of sushi from Trader Joe's.
Yummy when hungry!