Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!


jessamynit said...


I know those guys!

Anonymous said...

hi b

would those be your cherubs? thinking back to my childhood, cause i have plenty pics of my kids during their halloween years, but there is only one that i have of me, and if you were looking at it, wouldn't even know it was me, cause i'm wearing a stupid plastic masks!


Conn said...

they are all so proud. i hated having my picture taken in costume... well i hated having my picture taken at all as a kid. (see photo over at my blog)..HAHA.
too cute. thanks for sharing.

jessamynit said...

p.s. what is J dressed as? I mean, she's cute but... is she just a cutie?
I've been encouraging L to post a photo of the hershey's kiss costume. that was the first time I realized how awesome, creative, and martha stewart (before anyone knew who she was) you all are!

Anonymous said...

Aww! I'm doing a little belated online surfing on this wint'ry eve, and thought I'd look at yours & the CG blog, and lo and behold! That is an amazing picture! I remember Lauren's Cleopatra costume so vividly, it was the height of glamour, especially the amazing snake headdress! Adam and Jessie are totally adorable. Adam's in full pre-sugar-consumption fervor there. I'm not sure what I was going for with my costume, but I didn't hold anything back! And you even have Sebastian (kitty)in the corner! Happy Belated Halloween!

baffle said...

Hey S!

I was wondering when you'd catch a glimpse of Halloween early 1980's!

All of you were so adorable and I remember it being another great night out.

Thanks for reminding me that kitty's name is Sebastian.