Saturday, October 14, 2006

My personal seal of approval

It's all about blogging for me anymore.
Currently, I peruse a dozen (or so) favourite blogs each time I'm online (at least once daily), and those connect me to new blogs every day. Click a link and the thoughts, words, ideas and (yes, even) emotional well-being or upset of a diverse cross-section of people appear before you on the monitor. It's like being at a party and every time you turn around, there's someone to talk to, someone who actually wants to communicate. New viewpoints to ponder and perspectives to consider. Blogging is really some kind of interstellar phenomenon!
Connections in the Cosmos.

Some blogs are educational, others are nonsensical, many are insightful. All are fascinating in their own right. Blogs prove to be mini lessons in social studies, and I'm a devout follower of studies into the social.

Moreover, blogs are the bottomless pit where one can discover new & cool things to make, places to go, things to do. I particularly enjoy this aspect of the blogosphere. It's quite possible to develop new hobbies by investigating websites made linkable by bloggers. This could be a good thing. One can never have enough extracurricular interests, y'know.

Yesterday, via one of my fave blogs, I linked to this website where you can design your own seal. No prior knowledge of any graphics programs is necessary! The site offers easy-to-use templates, so making a seal is a quickie project. I created the seal pictured in less than 5 minutes.

Seal-making probably won't become a new hobby for me...but it was a pleasant distraction...and the seal is rather cool-looking, isn't it?

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