Thursday, October 05, 2006

Royal Wedding

See Fred. See Fred dance.

Another reason to luv the internet.
You can watch whole movies (for free).

I suspect most of you don’t have the time to sit at the computer to watch the hour and a half film. However, knowing you can if you wanted to is so very cool though, don't you think?

Not enough time today? How about a few Fred Astaire dance highlights, then?

Fast-forward the slider to 16:20 to view Fred and his inanimate dance partner.
Then slide over to 1:06:00 to watch Fred’s gravity defying dance.

Lite musicals like this are great fun to have as background sound whilst you’re doing other computer-related work (in a ‘new window’); or if you happen to be tidying the room your computer is in...(What me tidy?).

‘The Royal Wedding’ - starring Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford. Directed by Stanley Donen, story and screenplay by Alan Jay Lerner, 1951.


Anonymous said...

where do you find free movies on the net? inquiring minds would like to know!

justducky said...

There is one dance number with Ginger Rogers and Fred...her gown's long sleeves, covered with silvery rhinestones hits Fred in the face, he doesn't even flinch...the show (movie) must go on.
How can you find specific little scenes like this? And did we ever find
"Hey, Laaaaaaaaadeeeeeeeeee!!!" with Jerry Lewis yet?!

baffle said...

I found the full length 'Royal Wedding' on Google videos.
Where that originated was at this link:

I've also read/ heard stories about Ginger's gowns proving to be something of a challenge for Fred to work into the choreography of their dance numbers. Yards of flowy fabrics, feathers, lengthy fringe, silvery rhinestones....other flingy things.

Please tell me (if you know) which dance number features the rhinestone sleeves. I want to see Fred keep his ultra cool Mr. Cool thing going.

Still haven't figured out yet in which movie Jerry Lewis yells 'Hey, Laaaaaadeeeeeee!!'.
Anyone out there got the answer to that musical question?

Lauren said...

wow, that is amazing! thanks for the suggested highlights- we watched both dance routines and were blown away.