Tuesday, October 24, 2006

shifty eye fun

As October draws to a close, I’m looking forward to receiving more mini-artworks from Our Own Little ATC Group. Each Artist Trading Card promises to be unique and wonderful!

In other artsy news: check out this gem of a painting by artist J. Richel. It's a bit bigger than an ATC. Wouldn't it be a kick to have Richel as a group member?
Just imagine receiving one of Richel’s wonderful ‘Portrait’ paintings in the mail as an ATC.
Yeah, right...dream on....

There’s another, more realistic (and practical) way to obtain a Richel Portrait Painting. Get yourself over to the Curiosity Guild Shoppe and buy one for yourself (and another one or more to give away)!

I’ve actually ‘played’ with a ‘suspicious painting’ - the eyes really do 'shift' and it's abfab fun. There are also 'talking paintings' as well as 'combination paintings'.


Derek said...

Look out for my ATC any second now! Definitely not as cool as the Suspicious Paintings, but, well....I don't wanna ruin any surprises....let's just say they're interactive in their own special way...

baffle said...

Just received your Self-Portrait ATC in the mail!
It is over-the-top brilliant!

Without giving anything away...as a kid, I did 'play' with this type of interactive picture of a face thingy. Luved it then, luv your version even more, because it's YOU!
Way to go, Derek!

Thank you!