Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the teapot is now quite cozy

with a new quilty jacket and matching tam o' shanter.


Lauren said...

hey, it turned out great! did you piece all of those different colored strips together?

baffle said...

and thanks for asking 'how':

I had five 'fat quarters' of fabric in different colors, made 13 wedge-shaped pattern pieces in slightly varying widths, cut a bunch of fabric strips from the templates. Keeping the strips in proper order (if not, wedge shapes tend to form a circle when sewn up), I pieced those together, then took the entire rectangular pieced piece (haha) and cut it in half crosswise = 2 sides of the cozy.

Added a lining and a lined bottom in black with batting between the layers, made a black casing for the ribbon.
Sewed it all together.

Made the tam o' shanter top using the same circle template as the cozy's bottom. Also lined with a poly batting core.

Lots of hand-sewing...which I rather enjoyed.

Planning to try the cozy out tomorrow - to see how long the tea stays cozy hot!

Derek said...


jessierose said...

yay! it turned out so beautiful!!!

baffle said...

Please come take some tea with me.

justducky said...

i love the quilting!
having just quilted.

jessamynit said...