Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy day after Halloween!

Back (to Halloween) by popular demand (read: as per Jessamynit's request)...

DollinkDaughterLLS in The Hershey Kiss costume.
I always thought it a cool homemade costume - with the trailing paper (the 'wrapper opener') and a bit of brown satin at the top (it's the 'chocolate tip' of the Kiss). Still, DollinkDaughterJrS refers to this costume as the 'Spaceship'.

Pictured alongside The Kiss is aforementioned DollinkDaughterJrS as the Little Bathing Beauty (wearing 1800's style swimsuit - also homemade - dig the rickrack!). Photo in previous blogpost was from the Halloween before - when JrS had taken off the 'swimming cap'.

1 comment:

jessamynit said...

hee hee hee, thank you. I needed that.
that is one skinny hershey's kiss!