Friday, November 17, 2006

Quote of the day

Every increased possession loads us with new weariness. - John Ruskin

Such truth!

After yesterday's missive on Ikea Madness, this quote is especially meaningful. Many of us must admit to having shopped to excess at some point in our lives. Others can confess to keeping most everything we've ever acquired for a lot longer than we need to wish to or that our lives require.

We all understand what it means to feel bogged down with too much stuff ...

A bi-annual purge of one's possessions can alleviate the weariness a tad. Purging serves to lighten and brighten the home environment, cleanse the emotional palate and re-settle the soul.
That is, until the void is filled with more.
Oh that vicious cycle.


Conn said...

oh my lord.... if I ever end up like the Collyer Brothers then I hope a suitcase falls on me and kills me.
That was a very interesting read. Thanks... now i have to go purge the closet!

baffle said...

No kidding!
The Brothers Collyer = a classic example of home decor that CAN kill ya!

Are you one of those weird people (like me) who actually ENJOYS purging the household of extraneous stuff and re-organizing what's left?

pearswife dsn't get Blogger at all! said...

ENJOY is not the correct terminology.

baffle said...

True Confession:
ENJOY is the correct term for ME! ;-)
I actually get off on re-organizing and re-arranging. Gives me a mini new lease on life each time!

No brag. Just fact.