Thursday, November 02, 2006

oldies but goodies

Atop my morning webboard, I surfed upon some great wave (OK, surf analogy ends here) sources for 'oldies but goodies' streaming radio.
At this moment, I'm having a listen to WPON: Rare Oldies, and a silly Halloween song called 'The Blob' ('beware of the blob, it creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor...'). Never heard of it. Now Gene Pitney sings 'I wanna love my life away' 'Love love love - love my life away with you - Oooh Ooooh'.

'Hooka tooka my so-da cracker? Does your mama chaw tabaccah?'

Lots of 50's to early 60's offerings there. Quite a variety, actually. Crazy and unusual stuff - a cover of 'Mellow Yellow' by 'Senator Bobby [Kennedy] & Senator [Everett] McKinley'.
Hmmmmmm again.

Think I'll head back to search for more of the mid-to-late-60's tunes that are set into the plaque of my old veins..songs which I know ALL THE WORDS to...or can at least fake pretty convincingly.

Hey, did ya know that 80's music (if you aren't able to link, try: now falls into the 'oldies but goodies' category?
80's! Old?!?
Gosh, wasn't that just a few years - argggggh - it was 20-someodd years ago!
Ai ya!

The characters on 24th century StarTrek TNG would sometimes go back in holodeck time to 'The Ancient West' - that era which we in the 21st century know as 'The Wild West'. By the by, you'll never guess where their 'Ancient West' town was located...

The question remains - when does 'old' become 'ancient'?
If 80's is old, does that make 60's ancient?


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Anonymous said...


The Blob song that you heard is from the movie of the same name, Steve McQueen's very first star vehicle. He did not portray The Blob, which was a creature much like the jello you described earlier.


baffle said...

How DO you know these things?
I recall seeing 'The Blob' once - a long time ago. Steve wading around in underground sewers being chased by, or chasing...?
Wasn't the movie in black & white?

Funny you should be making mention of McQueen, BTW...

justducky said...

Surf City, Dude! Remember the tune "Pipeline"?

and the classic film "Endless Summer"? Memories of cold blowing sand, watching the surf with the surfer boyfriend. Surfers obsessively check the swells 24/7...might miss the big ones! I knew it was over when he took his surf racks off my car.