Sunday, November 19, 2006

To-Do list for this Monday and Tuesday

  1. Finish sewing dining room curtains
  2. Hang dining room curtains!
  3. Find new home for my stack o' paintings.
  4. Move old furniture and other piles of purged stuff out to garage.
  5. Wash car.
  6. Make Turkey Day to-do list.
  7. Begin T-Day food prep.
  8. Wash kitchen floor so it doesn't look quite so gross.
  9. Scrub bathtubs and sinks.
  10. Finish reading That Color Book.
  11. Begin re-read of That Color Book.
  12. Finish watching Netflix rented movies that have been here for over 3 weeks.
  13. Send those Netflix movies back.
  14. Pay bills before they're overdue.
  15. Make Monday phone calls before Tuesday gets here!
  16. Touch-up paint on Art-Craft Room walls.
  17. Tidy desk/office space.
  18. Vacumn AND Dust everything!
  19. Return library books before they are overdue.
  20. Get white Ikea (!!) dinner plates from garage and wash 'em for T-Day.
  21. Make more to-do lists....
Hey, I don't want to have ALL the fun!
You make one too!


jessierose said...

glad i'm not hanging out with you today! doesn't sound like fun, except for the watching of the netflix. in fact i'll do that one for you so you can go ahead and cross that off your list.

justducky said...

I agree, NetFlix is the only chore requiring attention!
Oh, except for find home for stack 'o paintings...any suggestions for that one?

Lauren said...

eeks- now i know where i got my compulsive list making habit from!

baffle said...

One of my college art teachers (who also painted, exhibited his work in prestigious shows and sold much of it) said 'If you don't sell 'em, trade 'em with other artists'. 'You got to get rid of 'em somehow. They take up so much damned space after awhile.'

It's true.
I was surprised when I first saw some of justducky's extraordinary paintings shoved into a bedroom closet. Sacrilege! thought I.

Now I shove my burnt offering paintings here there and everywhere. A few will stay in the house. A few will be displayed. Some I will paint over. Others will end up in the garage, covered with plastic and duct-taped shut to protect them from vermin.

I haven't painted in so long, and now debate whether to begin again or just keep doing mini arts n' crafts to keep the creative juices flowin'...

Until that decision is made, I'll watch some Netlfix movies and make more lists. Good idee, eh?