Tuesday, November 28, 2006

20 minute Zzzzzzzz's

Check it out.
Pictured is a MetroNap pod.

For those of you who nap during the day (I don't - unless ill or had a sleep-deprived night before) and swear by the 10-20 minute refresher (AKA power) nap, here's something just for YOU.

You aren't home or anywhere near a comfy bed. There's no quiet place, available sofa or chair (there's such a risk of neck strain napping on most chairs, though). The ol' bod just can't take catching a few quick zzzzzz's on the carpeted floor anymore.
Say 'hello' to Metropod.

Though touted as an office aid to increase productivity in the workplace, I fancy its significance as a tool to help folks get on with the social interaction of their day - without getting grouchy or party-poopery. Tired grumpy people just ain't no fun to be with, don't you agree?

Have any of you ever seen a Metropod, or (gasp!) actually tried one out?
(BTW, have you ever used the spray-down-with-disinfectant-after -use public toilets?)
(this link is scatological to da max!)

Anyways. Back to Metropod:
What happens after 20 minutes (or whatever the timed nap is set for) is up?
Does a loud and very rude alarm go off? Seems counter-productive.
Does a sanitizing pod spray wash over the napper? Nap + a shower = two bits?
Do the disturbing sounds of the city/office/airport seep slowly back into the pod environment, thereby awakening the sleeper? Reality check!

Haha is only 2 steps away from Uh-Oh:
I KNEW the pods would someday return to take over our bodies...


Anonymous said...

this innovation must be from Japan. they come up with the greatest stuff!
my little corner of the world must be quite country-bumpkinesque, cause i've never heard of metronap pods nor the spray down disinfectant...etc., either. what a great idea that is too. i abhor using public restrooms because of the filth factor. however, after reading the link to the article, i've decided to forego public restrooms of this ilk, least i need more than the alloted 10 mins. i'd be "flushed" with embarassment, to have those doors open, whilst taking care of business.
i also think i'll forego any strolls along the city streets of seattle, should i ever have the opportunity to visit that city!
perhaps pooper scooper laws should be put into effect for the humans too.


baffle said...

I was not successful in trying to find out what country designed this thing, but agree with you, D - that it seems very much like a Japanese-type innovation.

Have you ever tried the 'rinse your bottom' toilets?

Anonymous said...

no, i haven't tried them, but look at all the trees that would be saved by not having to buy charmin!