Wednesday, November 15, 2006

cats or ketch

America's favourite condiment?

First of all, is it cats or ketch?
Secondly, where did this tasty sauce originate?
Thirdly, have any of you ever made it from scratch (Oooooh - just look at all the different kinds!!!).
Fourthly (does anyone actually say 'fourthly?!?), what's the secret for getting it out of the bottle (regular bottle, not the squeezy type)?

Finally, if this Lois only knew who Clark really was, wouldn't she feel out of line reprimanding him for pouring cats/ketch-up all over his sirloin steak?

[And just where the heck is the World's Largest Ketchup Bottle anyway?]
[the WHAAAAT?!?]


Anonymous said...

World's largest bottle!! I want to have it!It would not look right if it was fish sauce colored tho.

Anonymous said...

hi B
lois may have been funning with clark about it, but
have you ever had a ketchup sandwich? long before any culinary tastebuds developed, my brother and i thought we were just so clever to make a saltine and ketchup sandwich!! can you imagine? they were sure good, way back then.

Lauren said...

we actually bought a bottle of that green ketchup once for the gross out/kitsch factor, and to see if it actually tastes like the real thing. strangely enough, the color grossed me out so much i couldn't eat it! (though when i tasted it with my eyes closed, it was fine.) must be because i'm not a 10 year old kid.

baffle said...

I would sooner eat a ketchup on saltine sandwich than partake of that green catsup again.

I too bought a bottle (also for the novelty) and tried some on a hamburger. The green color was hard to accept. Actually the green color was impossible to accept. I passed the bottle on to younger daughter.

She tried some, got grossed out, then retired it to the circular file under 'never again'.