Sunday, November 12, 2006


HubbyDear and I are re-painting one of our little bedrooms, the one designated as the art-craft room.
The results will be fabulous, pretty, very lovely.
Without a doubt, I will be happy when all is said and done, but the fact remains:
I HATE interior house painting.

Particularly since our walls are textured.
Anyone else have problems with getting good coverage on textured walls?

We've got the extra fuzzy rollers, which help a bit.
My painting tool of choice are the fuzzy pads. I use a little one and load it with paint. Then I muscle those little fibers into the nooks and crannies in an up and down movement, then criss and cross. It always looks well-covered, yet there remain those stubborn little specks of unpainted wall here and there. Needing touch-up.

Also, I HATE the MESS of interior house painting.
The constant clean-up of brushes (ugh!).
The dripping of paint on the floor and carpet.
The dropcloths getting paint dripped on them, then that paint gets on your clothes, shoes (or bare feet).
Then everywhere else (double ugh!)
Needing that second (or third!) coat.
'Cutting in'.
TAPING (triple ugh!).
Painting trim.
Brushmarks on trim.


Having bitched and moaned about all this, the room will be delightful when finished. It's always that way after painting.
But the process still sucks.


Anonymous said...

I feel your stress. Been there, and done. finally....well not really. walls are done..trim and doors need some painting. must wait now until after the holidays to get that done. pictures soon, once i get the new curtains and rehang wall accessories. I'm actually so pleased with the color.
Do you have stucco walls? I had that in our first house (on purpose, it was so popular to do, once upon a time) we finally sanded down the walls. what a mess but so much easier to paint now.
The only easier, and probably covers all nooks and crannies in one coat, would be to spray paint the walls, instead of a speciality roller and/or brush.


justducky said...

Ah Yes, the paint gun! Great tool:
Empty the house. (or rather, have the former 100 yr. old owner do it).
Then, before escrow goes thru, cover the floors and spray whole works Navaho white. Walls, closets, and the dirty cottage cheese ceiling w. golden sparkles.
20 yrs. Later we still occasionally see a sparkle, sort of like seeing a falling star!

baffle said...

'Empty the house' - yeah, right.
As it is, we painted the art/craft room with almost all the furniture still in it!
It was not possible to move the loom.
Nor was it possible to move the giant drafting table (that has to be taken apart, and the sucker is heavy!!).
There wasn't room anywhere to move the bookcase, second desk or the entertainment center.
Can you believe I've managed to cram all those pieces of furniture into a room that is less than 15' x 11'?
Talk about cramped!

Would love to do the 'spray paint' thing, but alas!

It sure is tempting to leave the doors and trim w/o the new color paint.
It's such a pain to repaint!
I'm moving everything back,then doing trim and closet doors - later.

(winky winky)