Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who said it first?

This has been bugging me for some time. Have avoided bringing it up (until now) - mainly because I don't want to be challenged or proven wrong in my steadfast belief about:
'Who said it first?'.

I'm thinking that years before Chandler Bing uttered this line on 'Friends', DollinkDaughter LLS said it waaaaaaaay earlier: back in 1977. Matter of fact, I remember her using that phrase quite often in those days - especially when upset with her DollinkMama.


Anonymous said...

dear B

first of all, i know she's crying, and is upset obviously, but how cute she is, even though.

also, dollink, is used quite frequently, as a term of endearment, between my dollinkcuz, debbie and me. (way before 1977 too!) bing, did not corner the market on the phrase. And, since I am quite a bit older, won't say how many centuries, than chandler bing, he must have stolen it from someone. Don't you think so, Dollink? Perhaps, we all got it from one of the Gabors?

D :)

baffle said...

DollinkMama: Please don't do that.

DDLLS: Why can't I do that?

DollinkMama: Because I say so.

DDLLS: But I want to.

DollinkMama: No, you can't.

DDLLS: Why not?!?!?

DollinkMama: Because I say so - and I'm the boss.


(I knew she was right, but could never 'fess up to it. Because, as you say, DollinkD - just look at that cute face... She's still so cute that many of us have a tough time with saying no to her...).

Lauren said...

uh... thanks mom!
hugs and kisses from your DollinkDaughter LLS

Derek said...

Aahhhh...this picture is breaking my heart!!!

justducky said...

I love that girl...never saw that face in my life!

But, WHO taught ALL the 4 Year-OLDS to say that?!!

I was NOT allowed to say that to my mom! No way, but maybe I did say, "That's not fair!" and got that most unsatisfying answer: "LIFE'S not fair!"