Saturday, November 11, 2006

Twist 'n' Treat

Great dog toy presented by a breed of dog who knows
from treaties.


justducky said...

In your opinion, do you think this toy would keep certain red dogs from destroying the curtains and the curtain rods and the drier vent and the door frames?
Please advise?

jessierose said...

i want to grab her ears!
bubba and chloe say they want this toy for christmas.

baffle said...

So...this seems like a 'must have' gifty for the upcoming holidaze.
It would be nice if our doggies are kept happily preoccupied even for a few minutes longer before going on with their destructive ways.

If it works really well, we'll all take stock in Premier/ BusyBuddies!

P.S. Hmmmm. RedDog may need a truckload of Twist and Treats to keep her suitably occupied.