Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Contrary to common belief...

...religion and politics don't serve to unite people so much as divide them.
Not always, but often enough so it's hard to argue otherwise.

[It's ART and MUSIC that tend to bring people together].

Nevertheless, I hope you voted today (if not, there's a few minutes left...).

In the early days (San Francisco - early 1970's) I cast my ballot on voting machines that had levers to lift (or lower) for your choices and a big red handle like this to pull when you were done.
You could hear the voting machine go 'CLUNK' as it counted your vote.

I hope we all don't go 'CLUNK' before the night is over...


justducky said...

I am glad everyone got out to vote. I respect all opinions as a right guaranteed by our Constitution. Having said that ....

PHOOEY on some people not approving a 1/4 cent tax on gasoline for a train in the North Bay...booooooo

Conn said...

john and i were discussing the red levers and how they work.
it all seems so sketchy. you pull the lever and all your selections just disappear. john thinks they should be more like an ATM machine that ask "that you verify your selections". it's all so "old school".
well at least we did not go clunk!