Friday, November 10, 2006


Yesterday was a Hi-Def Day.

Whilst driving home from work, I oohed and ahhhhed (audibly and to myself) at the incredibly gorgeous scenery. If/when I ever move away from the woodland forest, these views are what I'll miss most.

Some of my favourite things about living in the foothills/mid-mountain region are
  • the clarity and freshness of the air
  • the abundance of evergreen and deciduous trees
  • the high contrast of blue sky to green forest (when no forest fires!)
  • the stunning scenic views at every turn (many down the cliffs to the river)
  • (very little traffic on the road)
The colors I took in yesterday were brilliant: bright autumnal yellows, deep burgundy reds, citrus-y oranges. The rolling hills were softly golden, the trees offered every shade and tint of green and the cloudless sky was cerulean blue straight out of a paint tube. Contours around all these natural shapes were precision sharp, as if someone had turned up the contrast on nature's screen (or recently cleaned my windshield!). The vividness so intense it almost hurt my eyes.

I wondered (aloud again) if this was what things looked like on a Hi-Def TV (don't own one nor watch very often). However realistic an image that can be offered by high definition, it couldn't get better than this.

I didn't have my camera so couldn't pull over to take advantage of some great photo ops. But what need for a photograph when pictures rarely capture such indescribable on-the-spot panoramic views anyway?
Technology, no matter how advanced, cannot compare to the Real Thing.

So I savoured the idyllic pleasure of it all and etched the images into my brain for some long lasting and outstanding visual memories.

A great time of year indeed.

May I suggest that you too go out sooooooon to commune with Ma Nature. Be sure to take / make the time to capture some hi-def autumn visual memories of your own. Or let's get together for a field trip.

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