Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trivia Thursday

(1) Not that it matters for anything, but...

(2) How I got to this, BTW - is from clicking around for an online image of Paul Newman on the December 2006 cover of Cowboys and Indians magazine (shades of Brokeback). Whooooo and Hoooooo! Get ye to the magazine stands!

(3) Coincidentally, the DVD of 'Cars' is now available for home rental/ purchase, and I'm heading over to Tarzhay today for my copy.

Pursuit-of-trivia question for today: Who provides the voice for 'Doc Hudson' in the movie and how tall is that actor? You never know if/when these questions will come up in the next edition...


justducky said...

Re: trivia question:
We saw him at the airport once and he looked shorter than that! I'm still swooning and he's still taller than me!
No hope though...we're both happily married.

justducky said...

I think you know who we saw at the airport with blue eyes?
So did I win?

baffle said...

You win BIG TIME.
Wanna know why?
Because you left not only ONE comment, but TWO!