Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

I live under the proverbial rock.

I didn't know until today that the big shopping day after T-Day is referred to as Black Friday. Frankly, because I make it a point not to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I don't give a dang.

The bargain hunter in me fully appreciates sharply discounted prices and incredible deals - especially on top quality merchandise, but I reserve the day-after-Thanksgiving for other things:
  • enjoying a quiet, lazy and leisurely morning = followed by
  • a restful day hanging out with
  • family & friends
  • eating leftover T-Day foods (this is one time when leftovers actually taste better to me than when the food is originally served)
  • staying in comfy PJs or other super casual clothing ALL DAY LONG
  • doing crafts, reading and watching movies on TV (no football for me, please)
  • cozying with my down comforter and taking a nap (who, me?)
  • maybe, just maybe - stepping out for some fresh air
  • and to take in some natural scenery
I covet this package-deal of activities, and am happy to report that I managed all of the above today.
I would not actively seek to do otherwise the day after my favourite holiday of the year. No matter how incredible the Black Friday Advertising Hype about early morning bargain prices.

It really does suit me better to have an affirmation of life rather than
an affirmation of shopping.

To each his/her own.
Whatever you did today, I hope it was super fun, rewarding, soul-satisfying, Chirstmas shopping productive and/or fattening.

P.S. For those of you who don't recognize it, pictured is Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia.


Conn said...

i agree.who wants to go through all that hustle and bustle for a few bucks? UGH!!!! NO THANKS.
staying in comfy PJs or other super casual clothing ALL DAY LONG
doing crafts, reading and watching movies on TV (no football for me, please)
went out for some fresh air

Anonymous said...

alas, no leftovers for us, since we were guests instead of hosts. i did manage to remain pajama clad all day, watched some TCM for some great old films, a few cooking shows, made a homemade, italian style, mushroom-barley soup, did one chore--did a load of sheets-still in the dryer btw!...and the only fresh air received into this old body, was when i went out to get the newspaper!
hope you all had a great T-day!


jessierose said...

hmph! i stayed in one store from 8 am until 8 pm, ate cold pizza, tried to calm down rich middle-aged women who wanted to combine discounts, parked so far from the mall that i had to take a shuttle, was required to wear an acrylic scarf while running around in an overcrowded, overheated store (sweaty neck), and then i braved the real world to try and find some christmas gifts, all the while wishing i was spending a leisurely day with my mommy. the official start of holiday hell!

baffle said...

Awwww, You Guys!
I wish we could all hang out together in our jampies and while away the post-T-Day hours together!
There are still plenny of leaveovers in our fridge.
C'mon down!'

jessierosie, your overworked in-the-high-end-retail-mall-ass comment almost made da mommy cry!

Anonymous said...

i must be living under the same rock as you. i thought black friday had something to do with the stock market.


jessierose said...

the jerk-faces in the retail industry decided to call it "green friday". always about that bottom line!