Thursday, November 30, 2006

update on my reading...

Confession #1:
I should be reading more (I have the same problem with exercising...need to do it more...).

I'm what you'd call a s-l-0-w reader. Very slow.

It took me awhile, but I'm finally done reading that book on color (mentioned in a previous posts...). Took it slow and easy, savoring a few pages a night before beddy-bye time.

For anyone who dabbles in color (and who doesn't, really?), there is much to learn from this mini but mighty tome about the source of pigments that make up our lives. Some of it is pretty crazy. You won't believe what the most brilliant red is made from!
[Ladies, you may be smearing bug guts on your lips every day]

Confession #2: I have an issue with not being able to retain much of what I read anymore - even after just reading it. However alarming that may sound, it doesn't prevent me from taking great pleasure in the act of reading. But the vicious cycle of reading and forgetting is so very frustrating, yet continues.

My new approach, as some of you already know (from reading b's blog) is re-reading a book right after finishing it. Of course, this doesn't apply to just any book. It has to be one I'm making a conscious effort to remember significant bits from. The color book qualifies for a re-read. But get this: when I'm done with the second go round, I'll start it again.Why? I'm banking on the possibility that with each repeat perusal, I just might retain more and more of the wealth of information within those pages.

Go on - grill me on color. In about 2 years. By then, I should have something of it etched into my gray matter.

After having just expressed a desire to read MORE, re-reading may seem counterproductive. Why keep with the same book when OMG, there are endless read-worthy titles out there to last a lifetime.
It is so true what 'they' say: so many good books, so little time...

Confession #3: Aside from the read and re-read approach, I haven't quite figured out how to remedy my read n' forget affliction.
Would doing a book report work? In the last few years, I did some extensive book reporting for college courses. The kind of analytical research that picks a book and its meaning apart only to put it back together again (and hope for the best). Comparing and contrasting until blue in the face and/or earning an A for the course. Even having experienced that intense degree of focus on a book, if pressed to recall my analysis, most of the time I still can't...

It's been said that discussing what you've just read with someone is a great way to process the essence of the material. Hence book groups. I'm in one, and it does help a wee bit - but not enough.

I love books.
I want to read more.
Moreover, I want to remember what I read.

To be young and to be able to remember things!


justducky said...

That's why I love reading Jane Eyre over and over!

I do remember something about a depressing school for girls and a dark crazy surprise spouse. Oh, and I do remember lightening hitting a tree, but I can't remember why.

What surprises await me!

baffle said...

I too must have a re-read of Jane Eyre. Lightning striking the tree - I have a visual from the old film...
but don't remember reading it - definitely something symbolic...

I can'tbelieve I rodeElNino! said...

Today's psychologists would probably label Mr. Rochester as a dysfunctional man, poor guy.