Wednesday, November 22, 2006


When zee Mama posts a pic of zee older DollinkDaughter in 'cute mode', zee Mama feels she ought to post a pic of zee younger DollinkDaughter in 'Cute mode' as well.
Post haste, if not before.

Finding cute pix of those two gals is never a challenge.
However, I was hard-pressed to find a 'crying' photo of DDJrS.
She actually - smiles a lot. At least she did as a young'un.

So here's DDJrS at age 3:
She'd just finished having a bit of a cry and was wiping her snotty nose off on the back of her hand.

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Anonymous said...

what is it about little girls in pigtails? both girls look adorable and i'm sure still are.
loved it when i did up nicole's hair like that. her's was rather curly when she was little, and while it was wet, i would just wrap her hair around my finger, and presto, banana curl pig tails!! i have to find a picture of my dollinkdaughter and see if i can get in online for your viewing pleasure!