Saturday, November 04, 2006

good morning entertainment: quite L-I-T-E

Major League Three: Back to the Minors

This morn, I stumbled out of bed and into the living room, where HubbyDear was multi-tasking (!!!!): reading the newspaper and watching TV.

A movie was just starting on HBO. Initially, I didn't catch the title, but it starred Scott Bakula and Corbin Bernsen (whose relationship to Jeanne Cooper from 'The Young and the Restless' is his biggest claim to fame, as far as I'm concerned). Hmmmmm - baseball uniforms. Maybe I'll stay to watch a bit.
So I settled into my favourite chair to catch a few scenes before heading off to start my day. After a few minutes, my still-hazy morning mind became riveted to the story, the jokes - and THE BASEBALL.

HD left for work (yes, on a Saturday) and though my just outta bed goal was to grab a quick breakfast, shower and start what promised to be a very productive day, I ended up watching the whole movie. Truth be known, it was such a FUN flick that I was reluctant to leave my seat even for the two minutes it would take to rustle up a cuppa.

This was definitely morning entertainment of the LITE variety. Yet another feel-good All-American baseball movie with a predictable plot and fairly cliché characters. The kind of movie where you know everything is gonna turn out OK when there are designated good guys and bad guys, team players (united we stand) and nothing but a string of sunny cloudless days as a backdrop to it all.
Some LOL dialog in this one.
And what's not to like about Scott Bakula? SUCH a nice guy!

What really kept me watching was the fact that in the midst of fairly stereotypical characterizations, there were some (just a few) pleasant and welcome surprises. I give the filmmakers half a kudo for letting up (just a little) on the Hollywood Obvious.

One word movie review: Cute.

P.S. Bob Uecker was a hoot in this. I especially liked his change of outfits!

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justducky said...

I can't watch "Major League" (the first one) enough. I don't know why. Is it Charlie Sheen and the tune "Wild Thing?...
Is it the other guys?
Tom Berenger (love him!)
James Gammon
Dennis Haysbert!
Corbin Bernson
Rene Russo
Ted White
Wesley Snipes as Willie Mays Hayes
Bob Uecker
I just love ensemble casts in comedies!