Thursday, June 07, 2007


Bring your own bags.
It's a good thing.

This went into effect on March 15th.
Just goes to show how infrequently I shop Ikea. Learned about the new bag policy at checkout yesterday (there's also self-checkout now - good if the scanners aren't malfunctioning).

So - I'm one of the last to know, but still appreciative of the statement that BYOB (or buy a reusable blue bag for 59 cents) makes.

A nice place to shop.
A nice place to work?


Lauren said...

Great, isn't it? Last time we were there, I was surprised to see how many people opted not to use bags rather than have to pay the 5 or 10 cents each that they are now charging for them. More stores should start doing the same!

Conn said...

We get a 3 cent credit at Safeway and a 5 cent credit at Fooldnad here on Maui for every bag you bring in instead of using a plastic bag. I was so amazed at that when we got here. We keep 4 totes in the car at all times. LOVE IT!

baffle said...

I also noted that Ikea customers were hand carrying their purchases out - sans bags. A la Costco.
Yes, it did seem cool, if not a bit of a juggling act in some cases.

I think the grocery store bag credit applies here on the mainland as well. Have done it with paper bags, but not often enough.

Re: cloth totes. I have a confession. There are 4 or 5 in my car too. But I almost always forget to bring them into the store. Bad customer! I promise to remember from now on.
Otherwise - whyfor, eh?

BTW, Big thanks to both of you for your comments!