Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John from Deadwood ... aka...'Ode to'...

... I'm re-watching Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of 'Deadwood'.
Screening these DVDs is against my better judgment; doing so reminds me just how much I miss 'Deadwood'.

I love this series.

In spite of unfair depictions of women, racial slurs and the many random acts of raw n' bloody violence.

I adore this show.
The characters. I am very much interested in the period of history (America's Old West) in which this show is set.

I heart the music!
Ran out and bought the first season soundtrack.

I enjoy the challenge of the show's language.
Besides the liberal use of the F word and a couple of very potent C words, the language of 'Deadwood' is outrageous, colorful, twisted, poetic. Much of it flowery to the point of sounding ludicrous. I mean, who talks this way?!? The show's creative force, David Milch - claims they did. I imagine the language of the Old West was undoubtedly a wee bit more colorful than, say, the dialog on 'Gunsmoke'.

So - I hang on every *ock*ucking word.
Trying to understand the dialog of 'Deadwood' requires that I watch with CC English subtitles on. Subtitles + audio allows for a better comprehension of the rather unorthodox combinations of adverbs to nouns to adjectives to pronouns et cetera.
Literary references abound, as do no-longer-in-daily-use words.
Having a dictionary closeby could also prove handy.

'Deadwood' ended rather abruptly with Season 3.
Too close to when the last episode aired was when HBO announced the show wasn't going into a fourth season.
Seems the show's creator, David Milch - had other creative roads to travel down, and 'Deadwood' was dropped from his project lineup like the proverbial hot potato.

Foaming-at-the-mouth fans (includes yours truly) of the series live in a sustained state of dismay since the end of the third season. I exist in a state of suspended disbelief /denial. Can it really be that the unresolved story lines of that last episode are the last glimpses I'll have of the makeshift town, ramshackle camp, the muddy thoroughfare, Swearengen's face as he's about to utter another 'Ffffffffffffff..', Bullock & Star Hardware, Wu's hogs, Trixie's cleavage?
Tell me it ain't so!

A week or two back, HBO premiered Milch's latest project for HBO: 'John From Cincinnati'.
I tried to watch it, really I did. Less than 7 minutes into the first episode, first my mind, then my feet - wandered - as I left the room looking for something better to do.

Wasn't 'John' worth watching?
I don't know and at this writing I don't much care.

I confess to not giving 'John' a chance because (damn it) I'm pretty pissed that Project John is very likely the main reason 'Deadwood' did not move into a Season 4. That the 'Deadwood' wind no longer fills and propels Milch's creative sails. That the proposed/promised two 2-hour movies to wrap the 'Deadwood' series - may never happen.

Eventually, I may warm to 'J from C'. Not anytime too soon.

Actually - I want my 'Deadwood'.
Ptui on (read: Ffffffffffffffffff....) all the rest.


justducky said...

I've heard enough of the f word to last several lifetimes. But if there are any good riding scenes in Deadwood, can I borrow them?

T says westerners took care of their horses similarly to how we take care of our vehicles. To be realistic there would have to be a bit of abuse.

Don't know about that.

Lauren said...

I have to say, when we got Dad that first season DVD set, we never thought you would be the one to turn into such a rabid fan! I'm about ready to screen all three seasons again too, so please add me to the waiting list of people who want to "rent" the DVDs from you.

baffle said...

Most of the action in 'Deadwood' takes place in town, so not much horse riding at all.

It's all about the dynamics of the townspeople.
There are horses in Hosteler's stable, though. They're standing around.

Yeah - who knew I would be the one who's all-about-Deadwood?!?
K - I've added you to the list at #1.

baffle said...

I meant to type L, not K.