Monday, June 18, 2007

savings stamps

Any b's blog readers out there old enough to remember S&H Green Stamps?

S&H is still going strong! It's morphed into S&H Greenpoints and it isn't necessary to lick stamps anymore...

I have vivid kid-memories of helping Mom lick n' paste little green savings stamps into fresh, smooth booklets with gridded pages. We filled book after book until we had a BUNCH of them. No longer smooth and flat, the completed S&H books would be bulky once we got done getting those stamps into them. We'd count 'em, stack 'em up, felt accomplished. We looked upon our stamp book booty with admiration. Guess what else - we felt RICH.

Big smiles all around.
Laughter and giggles.
The books could be traded in for a NEW something.
Something practical, something frivolous. In any event, a treat.

Giddy with anticipation, we'd get over to the redemption center with a paper bag full of S&H books. Half the fun was deciding what we could redeem the stamp books for - invariably, we'd choose something useful for the house. A space heater, shiny new toaster, warm blanket for someone's bed.

I can still get a happy (no artificial stimulants required) high similiar to the one Mom and I reached from filling those S&H books. Call it the po' people rush - whatever. The dizzy anticipation of consumer reward that could be attained by filling up those silly little green stamp books - boy, did it feel good.
Living in Chinatown, we coveted every 'this could benefit you - you are special - you get the prize' feeling.
(Remember the 'Queen For A Day' ** TV game show?)

Years ago, I discovered that my local grocery store (dare I call it a SUPERmarket?) offered savings stamps with every purchase over a certain dollar amount.
The store provides blank cards instead of books to paste the stamps in.
Once a card is filled, it can be redeemed (along with a coupon from the store's weekly advertising flyer) for a seriously discounted (sometimes free) food item.
Example: you can buy a can of tuna for 15 cents with a filled-out card + the tuna coupon.
A few months ago, I bought a $3.59 bag of Craisins for 99 cents with my stamp card and a coupon. Actually, I got 4 bags for 99 cents each + four filled-out cards +one coupon (low to no limit on the number).
What a savings!

This definitely appeals to the Discount%%%Mama in me...
...better yet - it brings back a fond memory from my youth.

You better know - I treasure the cheap thrill.
More so since my grocery store savings stamps aren't self-adhesive, but the good old-fashioned lick n' stick kind.
Just like them good ol' S&H stamps.

Always thinking of you, Mom.

** HD's grandma was a contestant - alas, her hard luck story didn't win the title/crown.


Conn said...

i remember the stamps.
i was always in awe of my grandmothers stamp books. there were also yellow stamps, though i am not sure from which company.

justducky said...

We newly~weds took the parents' green stamps... lying around in junk drawers... and had enough to buy an ironing board...
Our OWN ironing board!
Very sturdy, still using it!