Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Design for the other 90%

You all probably think I've gone 'bloggy' and you are correctomundo.

There are literally dozens of blogs categorized in b's Bookmarks folders to pick n' choose from for daily perusal. Blogs can be fabulous learning tools, and they are TO LUV.

Folks, I've also gone 'podcasty'. Whilst reading blogs, I listen to podcasts. Some require watching ('Dog Whisperer'). Some are downloadable PDF files ('Craft Magazine'). My list of podcast subscriptions has grown so ridiculously long that downloading them onto the ol' iPod is counter-productive. The podcasts roll in with such frequency that it makes more sense to sit n' listen during the daily internet/web e-mail check.

One of the many many podcasts queued up on my iTunes is NPR's (HUZZAH!) 'Pop Culture'.

'Pop Culture' is chock full of fascinating info, delivered in what I call snippets o' info. The topics are condensed into neat n' tidy nutshell sized summaries and/or presented as short interviews. Sure, they're 'teasers', a bit like 'Reader's Digest'. You want for more on the subject after getting a taste. 'More' can be researched at a later date. Snippets o' info are perfect for listeners who haven't the patience for hour + long, in-depth interviews on any one topic at any one sitting.
Note 'haven't the patience' rather than 'haven't the time', because I believe most everyone does have the time, it's a matter of prioritizing and making the time ...I'm pleading guilty - having gone sloppy with prioritizing lately...
Hmmmmmm. 'Not having the time' looks to be a great topic suitable for (yet another curmudgeon) posting- on another day.

Back to 'Pop Culture'.
Topic on June 17 podcast ~ 'Designing for the other 90%'.
= Design for Survival.
= Functional.
= Practical.
= Affordable.
= Brilliant.

Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah!

Above photo and the following caption from NPR website:
'When the water added to the sand evaporates in the Pot-in-Pot Cooler, it pulls heat from the smaller pot, keeping vegetables cool.'

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