Saturday, June 09, 2007


World Wide Knit In Public (Day).

If you're not able to get to a public forum - go out and knit at a café or in the park with a friend; or do a bit of knitting by your lonesome in the privacy of home.

Knitting is gooooooooood for the soul.


Conn said...

well heck... i missed it. really jonesing to do some knitting... or quilting. soon i hope.
nice hat by the way.

justducky said...

Nice hat And nice model.

Those guys count as models in public, don't they?

baffle said...

Nice model is the one who knitted the nice hat.
Though he messed up, ripped out many rows, and is hesitant to finish now.
He's a perfectionist when it comes to knitting. I would'a left the mismanaged stitches.

We must to encourage him to fini fini fini!
Too many unfinished projects in this house as it is.

My dream this year is to get into 'just do it' and 'just finish the damn thing' mode.
Yeah, right.

justducky said...

Good motto!

The mind is willing, the body is weak.

I love mistakes in knitting!
Tell him, from me, to go for it!!

Lauren said...

finish the hat! finish the hat! i figure he can make at least a couple more before the weather gets cold again.

Conn said...


I'mwatering said...

I don't know why, but I love knitting in the summer.

Sitting in the cool inside, knitting and talking.

Talked B. into it one time!