Thursday, June 14, 2007

Forgive me, Father... for I have...

just put in another order for yarn at KnitPicks.

I just can't help myself with this yarn thing.
Yarn is the absolute in touchy-feely. Major tactile stuff.

Hell (forgive me again!), I'm not even a 'good' knitter. That is, I don't 'knit good' (forgiveness!).
I just love surrounding myself with bundles of yummilicious yarns and thinking about the potential each skein offers.

As far as the cozy softy factor goes, many dogs and cats are also nice to touch. Keeping pets requires a bit more care/ TLC/ maintainance than keeping a stash of yarn.

Like any collectible, yarn can cost $$ to acquire.
Before this addiction gets too out of hand, I may need to frequent the thrift stores for old sweaters to unravel.
Yesterday, I checked a cool craft book out of the library. It's a handy dandy volume that is all about recycling flea market finds into creative wearables.

You can sense that guilt is factoring into my sin of insatiable yarn acquisition.
Repent repent.
Better yet, confess and go on.

P.S. Don't even get me started on knitting blogs...


Anonymous said...

there's much to be said about recycled yarn. i've worn out many a hand knit slipper sock that my italian grandma knitted from old ripped apart sweaters and things. and they could be quite colorful, considering that yarns were pulled from various sources, sometimes, if it was a sweater that was knitted, embarrassingly colorful. i still have a sweater, pink and blue, that she knit me years ago....maybe she knew i would someday have a boy and girl?? though it seems to have shrunk a bit over the years..(wonder why?)it was/is a very warm sweater. perhaps because it's handmade by grandma and has love knitted into each purl one, knit 2's, and something i will not part with.


mistygetsshoestoday said...

I remember reading about those living through the war and the depression, they recycled everything!

T's gram saved any and all gifts "for best" but best never came!

she saved her sheets, her clothes cans, bottles, tiny pieces of soap! Everything was patched and patched again.

We live like Solomon, don't we?

justducky said...

Anyone remember the sketch on Monty Python about the crazed, addicted knitter old ladies?
They were "knocking off" (ripping off?) yarn stores. Pretty funny!!

I hope recycling yarn from sweaters keeps you above such degradation!