Thursday, June 28, 2007


Angry (Little Asian Girl) knitter?
Overzealous knitter?


Sitting on the sofa, the dp needle was balanced on end upon my lap.
Set aside whilst I was ripping out (aka 'frogging')(aka 'cleansing') some rows on a sock project.
I bent over to pick something up off the floor.

Thank goodness for bamboo needles, that break when undue pressure is put upon them.
Better a broken needle than a nice little hole (size 3!) right into my tummy.


jessierose said...

Too bad it's a size 3. I have a couple of spare size 4s. Some little beagle munched on 3 needles out of my set of 5.

baffle said...

two leftover size 4s, eh?
I too have a set of 4, can donate 1 to you - giving you a total of 3 - you only have to score 1 more and then you're good to go!

any b's blog readers have one superfluous size 4 clover takumi dp 6" or 7" needle to donate to the jessierosie beagle-chewed-her-needles cause?

baffle said...

oops - i mean i have a set of five size 4's, can donate one to you so i still have 4. i do the triangle and not the square, y'see....

also very confused tonight.
tired, to boot.