Tuesday, June 26, 2007

)) poof ((

Lost it.

Last night, readied for your reading pleasure, I completed something of a clever, amusing, informative, introspective, been-there-done-that-but-without-major-drug-use, celebrate celebrate dance to the music posting for this blog. Therein was even a reference or two to The Fab Four.

Topic: Summer of Love. 1967.
Me - at 16. Not a hippie, merely emulating some of the look and definitely grooving on the music. Mindful of the ongoing social movement - its broad sweep across continents, across oceans. I waxed poetic that it could have been our first taste of globalization. We're talking a BigAssSnowballMovement here.

I wrote a bit more about being a Chinatown kid: twice removed from the Haight-Ashbury. C-town had its own counter-culture thing going.
Earlier that year, in February (to be sure, a cold San Francisco day), I was initiated into a Summer of Love mindset by attending the Human Be-In at GG park.

It was a fair piece of writing. Typical for b ~ quantity if not quality.
Another stroll down MemoryLane.
A mantra for living life in the present with a fond tip o' the hat to that colourful and influential era.

Right before publishing, I clicked away to check on some factoid.
Blogger supposedly 'saves automatically'.
It didn't.
)) poof ((
My edited post was gone.
The rough first draft still there.
It was late. I was not up for a re-write.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowl sez I.
I deleted the first draft. Too rough, sez I.
Gooooooooooodniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite sez I.
Ffffffffffffffffffffffff sez I.

Morning comes: 1967 still on my mind.
Burnt offerings will have to suffice.

This song will jog a memory for anyone who lived 1967. You'll remember where you were, what you were doing, what you longed for. Your life changed - big time.
Smell the pachouli. You're right back there again.

Those who missed it - can not even imagine...


Anonymous said...

It has been a long day and I was just daydreaming back to my high school days in Ballard, aka Snus Junction.


So named because Ballard is a Scandihoovian community. Sweden is on my mind right now and I recall that one of my Swedish high school girlfriend's Father owned a Swedish bakery. When I left for college on the east coast, she mailed a five gallon can filled with crumcaca. Boy, was I popular with the guys in the dorm.

I was one of the geeks but ran with a really neat group of kids; gals and guys. Believe it our not, one of my best friends last names was Ballard! We still maintain occasional contact and she and her husband, another great guy and "part of the gang" still live in the Seattle area. Despite being geeks, they were the presidents and class leaders; movers and shakers who did fun things and were pretty much down to earth. My realistic recollection is supported by meeting fellow students at later class reunions usually organized by them; the great kids in high school grew up to be really great adults and the jerks while in high school turned out, for the most part, to end up being adult jerks. The ones who were not "part of the socalled, in crowd", including me he said modestly, are also accomplished successful human beings. That accomplishment is not a monetary designation; they often took the path less traveled and were satisfied with their results.

baffle said...

I suspect You & They didn't partake in 1967's Summer of Love in the City of Love.


Did You/They?

This year the big HooDooToDo is all about 2007 being the 40th anniversary of that milestone summer of '67: tremendous, outrageous, far-reaching cultural/political/social upheaval...