Friday, June 15, 2007

pocket - hankin

For too many months now, I've avoided a certain topic for b's blog, but something grossed me out in the laundry room today - prompting me to write this post:

Men who tote hankerchiefs for blowing their noses into.

I beg to differ.
Hankies toted round for nose-blowing are, in essence - snot rags.
Blow your nose. Wad up the hankerchief. Shove it back into your pocket. Wait for another opportunity to re-use the already been used hanky. Use and re-use until it's a crumpled dried wrinkly mass of....of....of.....euuwww.

Bring it home, toss it into the laundry basket for someone to discover (and have to handle?!?) when it's time to do a wash.

Grosso estrememosso.

The only reason a man should carry round a clean cloth hankerchief is to offer it to a lady who needs to blot a bit of perspiration from her brow on a hot day, or to dab the area 'neath her eyes when a tear manages to escape. To my knowledge, ladies who still carry hankerchiefs don't do the snot-blow-then-carry-it-around-thang. So, guys - stop awreddy! Think Kleenex tissues. Use and dispose, s'il vous plait.

Where oh where is Mrs. Tiggle-Winkle when it's laundry day 'round here?!?

Addendum: BTW, in this house, we both do the laundry. Since the arrrrrrghhankies aren't separated out (I've asked, but this request is not complied with), I sometimes/ oftentimes come across one in the dirty clothes basket = Jump back, Jack!

In some circles, pocket-hankins have proven useful to wipe up other things. But we won't go there on b's blog. Not today, anyway. And definitely not until M. Tiggle-Winkle moves in and takes over washday duties.


jessierose said...

Did I ever tell you about my fear of pockets? I cannot put my hand in the pocket of someone else's pants (which is neccessary sometimes while doing laundry), for fear of grabbing a snot infused hanky.

Misty got her first shoes... said...

Poor one of the jessies...finding pocket money is good.
even after the pants have been washed.

nice clean dollars!